I am not just a pair of big boobs and long blond hair

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I am not just a pair of big boobs and long blond hair

I have just finished a date here at https://charlotteaction.org/balham-escorts, and I am pretty sure that this guy who is new to our escort agency in Balham thought that I was just a pair of big boobs and long blond hair. He spoke to me like I was a real pair of tits in trans. In the end I asked him if he had dated escorts before and he said no. To be honest, I am not sure that I would like to see him again.


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This is one of the few times that I felt like that about a guy that I have met at Balham escorts. Most of the guys that I date at the escort agency in Balham are really nice, but this guy struck me as a bit of weirdo. In general when I feel like that about a guy, I tell the boss and he tells he girls on the reception. Sometimes it is a conflict of interests and the truth is that this guy may actually get on better with another girl at the escort agency, but I don’t think so. I tent to be rather good at judging characters these days.

When I first started to work for the escorts agency in Balham, I used to be grateful for every date that I got. Now I have learned to think about things a little bit different and I do turn gents away if I don’t like them . Some of the other girls at Balham escorts may not be lucky enough to do so, but I really think that sometimes you have to learn how to say no and to stand up for yourselves. This is one of those occasions.

My dating diary is full as it is and I would rather spend my time dating quality gents. They are much nicer to spend time with and they treat you better as well. I never thought that I would meet another guy like this one at Balham escorts, but they are clearly still around. I am sure that some guys would just like to try to date escorts because they think it is exciting. Yes, it can be exciting, but if you like to hang out with me, you have to be a good boy.

Can it be dangerous to work for an escort agency? I am not saying that all dates are unsafe as I like to call them, but there are clearly a lot of men out there who misunderstand what escorting is all about when they call an agency. I have met my fair share, but that was mainly at another London escort agency that I used to work for in another part of town. At Balham escorts we mainly meet nice gentlemen, so this guy is the exception to the rule. Like I say to myself, you have to take the rough with the smooth, but this was a bit of a rough one so to speak.


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