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London Escorts – myths about sex


There are so many myths about sex, and it is beginning to do my head in. Viagra is one of the worst myths and a lot of gents really do not understand how it works. It does not make you want to go for hours at an end. I have dated tons of guys here at cheap London escorts who have said that Viagra did not work for them. Well, of course it did not. It is only meant to work once, but there are other drugs which can make you maintain an erection for longer. Many of the girls here at cheap London escorts think that it is silly to carry on like this about certain sexual myths.


An other sexual myths which a lot of dates seem to be fascinated about is Dorothy Perkins or Double Penetration as it is called. This is not a very safe sexual practice at all, and I have never known any of my friends at cheap London escorts to indulge their boyfriends. But gents are still fascinated by it and love to talk about it. I try to stay away from conversation like that at cheap London escorts as they do not turn me on at all.


We seem to forget about so many things when it comes to sex. Sensuality and touch is more important than anything, and I think that we should revive old pleasure like touching. Touching can make you feel really good, and on top of that, we don’t do enough of it. The other day on my way to cheap London escorts, I touched a man on his arm and he almost jumped out of his skin, but he smiled. It must have felt nice, and I like to touch all of my dates here at London escorts. A touch can give you energy and strength, and so can a cuddle.


Cuddles are important when it comes to sex, and they can help us explore each other when we are having a cuddle. One thing leads to another, and all of a sudden you are making love. It is not true that cuddles are not important when it comes to sex because I think that they are really important. Some of my dates at London escorts say that they do not get cuddled a lot, but it is a two way thing. You need to cuddle in order to get cuddled. I am a big cuddler, and most of the girls here at cheap London escorts really do appreciate that cuddles are important.


There are so many myths surrounding sex, and sometimes I think that we make sex a bit too complicated. Letting sex happen naturally is the trick and I am sure that it is more important than setting the scene. I always try to make sex happen naturally and that is when I have the best sex. Trying to tell me dates that at London escorts is another thing, and sometimes I wonder if they expect a little bit too much from life. Maybe we should all learn to cuddle before we learn how to have sex.


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