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There’s something especially naughty about doing things that are against the grain, or going against the norm. It starts small- a little kiss, maybe a joke or sexual innuendo, then it gets serious. With a little touching, squeezing, groping or cuddling, people soon get engrossed in the ideas of intertwining their bodies with another person. Maybe it’s because certain aspects of the body are extremely exciting, or maybe they’re just holding back and keeping themselves from expressing who they really are, and what they really like- either way, the idea of heterosexual people doing homosexual things can be very, very attractive for some.

Sometimes, people fear the implications of exploring their sexuality- maybe being ridiculed or falling prey to hate-mongering, and this keeps them from doing what they really want to do- whether it’s groping and feeling another individual, becoming one and sharing saliva, or even more- including one-on-one oral sex, or extended periods of consensual, lusty intercourse where people learn more and more about themselves and feel their inhibitions fade away. Often, they feel relieved, finally getting one or more sexual perversion from the idea, climaxing harder than they ever had before.

There are a wide variety of sites out there that explore these types of situations, just so you can get your rocks off without actually performing the acts themselves: time lesbian time lesbians

No matter what you’re into, there’s very little out there that you cannot find or experience, simply because the World Wide Web is such an expansive network of people finally able to successfully live their lives and to be free to do what they want within a community that supports them and their ideas. Who wouldn’t want to explore the idea of a straight woman feeling and groping another female body, sensually squeezing full, supple breasts or exploring the juiciest and wettest cracks on the female anatomy? What’s more exciting than the idea of two women simply eloping for the sheer joy and experience?

No matter what turns you on, you should never let society or other people tell you what you can or can’t do- especially if it’s what really allows you to BE you. If it’s a phase, an experiment, or your future life choice, it’s up to you to realize that it’s something that you want to be a part of. While it’s hard to adequately find yourself where you need to be in life, your sexuality is something that only you can control and whatever makes you happy is what makes you happy- you should do what feels right to you.